Tired to revitalised today, without caffeine or sugar


If you are feeling tired more often than not then it may be in your best interests to consider longer term changes that you may need to make. 

For today though, here are 7 tips you can use that support wellness and energy, without resorting to using caffeine or sugar. 

    1. Avoid eating what you KNOW doesn’t work for you - this is possibly the toughest one (because we want treats when we are tired!) but eating high sugar/ carbohydrate foods that make you feel good now gives you a blood sugar spike that doesn't last and leaves you feeling a lot worse very soon. Save yourself this drama and keep your energy levels more stable rather than up and down. 
    2. START YOUR DAY off well - good quality protein is more sustaining for your energy that simple carbohydrate based breakfasts. Vege omelettes are my favourite breakfast, but if you can’t stomach the idea of eggs in the morning then chia seed pudding is a great option. (For more on the benefits of Chia seeds see my pudding for breakfast article)
    3. EAT YOUR VEGGIES - Water containing foods such as vegetables supply much needed micronutrients and water. 
    4. Drink more water than any other drink. We all know that drinking plenty of fresh clean water is good for us, if a little unexciting. When you feel tired you may be tempted to reach for a caffeine containing or sugar laden drink, which will only leave you feeling lower in energy than before far sooner that you would like. 
    5. Change your perspective. This may seem a little strange, but our minds are powerful, tap into that power by changing your perspective. For example can you be more playful? Or is there a passionate purpose that drives you in what you are doing? Or is it time to look out the window or listen to music while you are working?
    6. Breathe. A friend once taught me a super quick and simple breathing technique that can allow you to de-stress and re-energise. Breathe in for a count of 6, hold for a count of 2, breathe out for a count of 6, pause for a count of 2. Repeat this process once more. I love this, give it a try and see if you feel more calm and revitalised. 
    7. Move. I feel a little silly sharing this, but it has worked so well for me so many times that I have to. Instead of reaching for food, or another cup of caffeine containing drink try 10 squats/ bicep curls/push-ups (against a wall is fine) or a salute to the sun yoga sequence. I think it would take a more outgoing person that myself to do this when other people are nearby but if you are by yourself and feeling the need for a pick me up, instead of reaching for chocolate try moving a feel the difference.