Clinical Lipids 2:1 120 gelcaps

$95.00 NZD

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**** This is a practitioner only product and is only available to clients Anewable practitioners have recommended this for following a consultation. 

Orthoplex White Clinical Lipids 2:1 delivers a Norwegian sourced, highly concentrated dose of 1000mg combined EPA and DHA per capsule in a 2:1 ratio.

Clinical Lipids 2:1 has been scientifically developed for practitioners using the Omega-3 Index and for numerous clinical presentations including supporting healthy mood balance and relieving inflammation in healthy individuals. Its exceptional purity and freshness has been independently verified by six international world-leading laboratories.

Extensive independent third-party testing which occurs after encapsulation and packaging includes:

  • More than 460 environmental contaminants
  • Almost 200 pesticides
  • 30 common plasticisers
  • All 3 radioactive isotopes
  • Unprecedented heavy metal purity

Orthoplex White Clinical Lipids 2:1 also proudly contains:

  • Certified, sustainable, wild-caught fish
  • Non-GMO certified ingredients and excipients
  • Certified organic sunflower-derived Vitamin E
  • No hidden soya oil
  • Salicylate-free lemon oil
  • Free from enteric coating