Moving Well with Myofascial Release Therapy


Does tension, soreness and restriction prevent you from moving freely? Myofascial Release Therapy can relax, energise and restore flexibility so you can move well with ease.

Exercising and moving through daily life goes smoothly when your body is able to move freely.

Being able to move freely is dependent on your fascia being able to glide smoothly.

Fascia is part of an interconnected web, a system wide network that provides form and function the every part of your body. It plays an important role in mobility and moving well.

Restrictions in the fascial system can occur from one incident or can creep up on you over time, resulting in decreased flexibility and mobility and increased tension, aches and pains. This can limit your enjoyment of moving in general and can mean you don’t get as much benefit from exercise. Simply put the effort you put in isn’t well rewarded and it can leave you feeling more sore and restricted despite your best efforts.

All these restrictions in the fascial system can also rob you of your vitality and energy, but there is no need for you to be stuck and sore. 

Myofascial Release Therapy is a hands on therapy that aims to restore elasticity and glide in the fascial system, easing restriction, reducing tension and discomfort and improving flexibility and mobility as you regain your ability to move more freely.

Amanda Green is a Naturopath and Myofascial therapist who loves being able to help people move well and feel great in the bodies, experiencing vitality.  Amanda’s style of Myofascial Release Therapy is designed to be deeply relaxing. Amanda believes there is enough pain and stress in life and your therapy should feel great. The no pain no gain approach is unnecessary and works against the principles of decreasing stress and feeling great in your body. The aim is for you to feel safe and relaxed so protective patterns in the fascia can be unwound and no longer restricting your fascial system.

Amanda’s clients commonly comment after treatments that they feel “free-er” and “more flexible” and “so relaxed”. Comments Amanda particularly liked were “I feel energised and all I did was lie down and have a treatment” and “Walking is a joy again”.

To try Myofascial Release Therapy for yourself make an appointment with Amanda by contacting her in 022 020 4474. Her clinic is in Glenfield.

Make moving your body a pleasure again by releasing restrictions in your fascia with Myofascial Release Therapy.