Curcuma Phospholipids 60 vcaps

$60.00 NZD

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**** This is a practitioner only product and is only available to clients Anewable practitioners have recommended this for following a consultation. 

Clinically trialled Curcuma longa phospholipids to support with inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness and mild osteoarthritis.

Curcuma Phospholipids delivers the best-in-class curcuma phospholipids at the clinically trialled dose to help support inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness and symptoms of mild osteoarthritis.

It features Meriva®, a superior absorption curcuminoids phospholipid complex with phytochemicals traditionally used in western herbal medicine to help with GIT health, digestion, liver health, liver protection and gallbladder function.

It also delivers an effective dose of antioxidants to help you get the most out of life.

Each Capsule contains:

Meriva® 500 mg
Curcuma longa rhizome ext. dry conc 100 mg
from fresh rhizome 16.5 g
standardised to curcuminoids 90 mg