Amanda Green - Naturopath

Amanda Green is a Naturopath, Holistic Skin Therapist and Myofascial Release Therapist. Amanda has a passion for working with people who refuse to gradually diminish over the rest of their life, and instead want to make the most of every day they have.

Taking care of yourself is just as important as all the other busy demands on your time and focus. The problem is knowing what is specific to support you.

Whether you have had one incident that has thrown you off course or you have realised that over time you have gotten out of balance, Amanda’s straightforward approach aims to help you understand what you can do to support yourself and continue on your journey moving from pain, stress and overwhelm to loving living in your body.


Amanda Green started Anewable because she is determined that journeying through life doesn’t need to be a downhill slide. Through her training, her own experiences, and the experiences of those she works with as a Naturopath a few things have been made abundantly clear. Mindset matters, taking action now (today!) affects tomorrow, and taking care of yourself really matters – in fact the longer you have been on this journey of life the more you need to take care of yourself. Which can feel like “yet another thing” to do. How holistically well you are affects those around you. And when you aren’t well life gets pretty tricky, for those you love and care for, and for you.

Anewable offers supplements and skincare to support yourself naturally, every day anew, as you move from where you are now to loving living in your body. 

If you expect the best of yourself, you want to live life well without being disheartened and dragged down by tiredness, stress,  overwhelm and burnout, aches and pains, excess weight or unhealthy skin, no matter what your age then Anewable is for you.

The natural products and information Anewable offers have been chosen by Amanda Green, a Naturopath and Holistic Skincare Therapist, to support you in taking care of yourself. This includes nourishing yourself with supplements, nurturing your skin and developing (and maintaining) healthy habits.


I have been a Naturopath and Beauty therapist my whole adult life.

I love talking about natural medicine, skincare and healthy practices and I love seeing people benefit from the things I love talking about.

When I first graduated as a Naturopath, I honestly had no idea why anyone would want to do anything else! I do have a broader perspective now, however natural remedies, how the body works and how to optimise health and wellbeing are still fascinating to me.

Over the years being a Naturopath has been a huge benefit. In my own life I have:

Identified foods that don’t work for my body

Stabilised my blood sugar levels naturally, and now with food alone

Gone from exhausted to energised

Lost weight gained in pregnancy (eventually!)

Known what remedies to use for my babies/ small children/ growing children

I know how to support my family's daily wellness


I have recovered and re-built (become anew) after cancer treatments

I have had continued support with supplements and natural remedies through all the challenges, the ups and downs of life.

I am facing getting older with the knowledge and mindset of anewing rather than ageing.

I am able to support my mind and mental well-being with nutrients, healthy practices, diet and herbs.

I am so grateful for all the good I have been able to use in my life with natural products and holistic care, and I am super grateful that I get to share my knowledge and understanding with others as they face their own life challenges.