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Are you beyond stressed, over it and ready to get better (become Anew)?

If you are under stress, tired all the time, close to burnout, having trouble relaxing and sleeping then it's time to get help. 

In times of stress supporting ourselves with nutrients and nurturing ourselves with extra care makes sense. Of course, in times of stress the things most likely to NOT be done are supporting and nurturing ourselves as we are focussed on the stressful circumstances. 

Let me help you get back on track and recover yourself. 

What does a consultation involve? 

A consultation with me as a Naturopath starts with a comprehensive form that allows you and I to consider you in a holistic way, as a whole person.

In the first consultation (which is an hour long) we will consider all aspects of your health, but focus on whatever has motivated you most to book in.

We will focus on what you can do today, and each day, to increase what works for you and decrease what doesn’t. This will most likely involve nutrition advice, supplements and herbal remedy recommendations as well as lifestyle suggestions to have what you do support you.

Follow up consultations are 40 minutes long. In follow up consultations we will review what is working, what isn’t, what you have managed to do, and what still needs to be done as well as any changes we need to make based on the progress you are making.

My goal is for you to be able to support yourself.

I used to think my favourite part of working as a Naturopath was seeing people living their lives in a better headspace – calmer, more focussed, able to feel good in their bodies. I still love that. But I realised that the real treasure is when people I have worked with know exactly what to do when they need extra help, what to take, what works for them to keep from difficult moments becoming overwhelming times – that’s priceless.

Costs Involved  - Consultations

Initial Consultations (allow one hour) $150

Follow up consultations (allow 40 minutes) $95

3 Consultation Offer - Book and pay for and initial and 2 follow up consultations (within a 3 month period) $300*

*Must be booked and paid in advance, usual cancellation terms apply, cannot be extended beyond 90 days. 

(Product costs are extra and are not included in the consultation fee)