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The Radical Hope Workshop Series supports anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis to apply the Radical Remission™ factors in ways that are workable and empowering for quality of life.

What's involved? 

Over 10 weeks you will join Amanda Green (Naturopath and Radical Remission™ Certified Coach) and a small group of like-minded wonderful individuals who, just like you, have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking to apply key factors to support health, wellbeing and vitality.

We will spend one evening a week together, from 7pm (NZT) for 90 minutes, starting Monday 25th March. For you time zone click here

During these live group video calls we will make sense of the research of Radical Remission Project founder Dr Kelly Turner and how to apply these factors to your life. 

Is this for me? 

The live 10 session online group workshop series is for you if:

  • You have ever been diagnosed with cancer (or are caring for someone who has)
  • You are focussed on empowering yourself  - learning and actioning habits to live as well as possible for as long as possible
  • You are heading towards being (or already are) in the drivers seat of your health (The CEO who listens to advisors and makes smart decisions for your situation)
  • You have read Radical Remission or Radical Vitality best-selling books by Dr Kelly Turner (not compulsory)

Tell me more...

We all react to the "you have cancer" news in different ways. We never want this news. Yet, unfortunately a lot of us become "part of the club no-one wants to belong to". 

There is more research and more books written than ever before on cancer and cancer support and how we can live well despite a diagnosis. All this information, and well-meaning examples from people who "knew someone who" is a LOT to process. There is still a lot to be learnt, and information can be overwhelming and conflicting. It's hard to know where to start, what to do when you have a setback and what to prioritise in your own health plan.... and how to apply the information to your situation safely. 

"It is the courage to continue that counts" Winston Churchill

Hope can come from knowing that many wonderful people have been on this path before and they have had better than expected outcomes. Their stories have been brought to light by best-selling author Dr Kelly Turner in her books Radical Remission and Radical Hope.  Dr Turner looked into over 1500 radical remission cases and interviewed people from 10 different countries. Her research discovered  10 key factors that all the people she studied applied to their own lives.

And there's more. After setting up the Radical Remission™ Project more people shared their stories. They reported that they too had applied the 10 key factors to their life for the better. 

These factors can be applied to your life too. 

With the support of Amanda Green, Naturopath and Radical Remission™ coach you can join others in a similar situation to yours and be applying the research we now know about. 

Together over 10 weeks we will cover

  • What the research tells us about each factor (we cover one factor a week)
  • What examples we have, and how that relates to your experience
  • How you will get started with any new factors (hint: start with small easily manageable actions and build momentum once you have success)
  • How you will deepen your experience of a factor if it's already one you practice
  • Identify and overcome what is holding you back or getting in your way
  • Transform your experience of each factor so you are empowered

At the end of each weekly group video call you will have identified a plan for the upcoming week AND be building a bigger overall strategy for yourself

Are you ready to make a plan and take action to experience vitality and well-being while supporting your immune function? 

  •  Use the experiences of others who have gone through this before you to light the way forward for you
  • Have the support of Radical Remission™ Coach Amanda Green
  • AND the benefit of a wonderful group of people who are also going through this experience

We start on 25th March 2024 - Secure your place and Sign up now.