Welcome to the situation you never wanted, that no-one wants to talk about. 

A cancer diagnosis is horrid, but remember that embarrasing moment in your past that you can bring up and laugh about now? Well, cancer is NOTING like that. 


You can still have moments of joy (the more the better)

You can still laugh

You can still have experiences you are profoundly grateful for

You have both more and less ability to focus on what truly matters to you

And you can still experience vitality. 


Are you wanting to know what else you can do

 -  for yourself -  for your health - for your vitality

while you are actively addressing your cancer. 

Bring hope and vitality to your life by applying Radical Remission™ research in ways that are workable for you

The Radical Remission Project™ is the result of Dr Kelly Turners research. While looking into 1500 cases of 'spontaneous remission' Dr Turner identified 10 Key Factors that all Radical Remission survivors used in their lives. 

The Good News:

There is now a guide of 10 key areas to keep you focussed while you are doing all you can for yourself. 

The Challenging news:

Applying these factors successfully to your daily life takes practice and persistence. 

Radical Hope Workshop Series 

 - 10 Week live group workshop series run by Amanda Green

 - Discover each factor and how it applies in your life

-  Be supported as you apply the 10 factors in a way that in a way that is workable for you

 - Share successes and setbacks alongside other people who are also going through this

So you are confident and empowered putting these life-affirming practices in place.